CyberPower ACMobile 12V DC-120V AC Power Inverter – REFURBISHED


The CyberPower ACMobile Power Inverter is the perfect solution for powering 120V mobile electronics anywhere a 12V power source is available.

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This item is Manufacturer Quality Certified Refurbished. Save big by buying Certified Refurbished guarantied to be in 100% like-new working order!


The ACMobile CPS140CHI Inverter converts 12V DC automobile power to standard 120V AC home power – up to 140 watts. Simply plug the inverter into a 12v DC outlet (cigarette lighter outlet) and you’re ready to go. It’s the perfect solution for powering electronics anywhere a 12V power source is available. It also has full-time surge protection that guards against power fluctuations from vehicle startup and shutdown.


The CPS140CHI is ergonomically designed to fit in any standard sized cupholder (for convenient placement), but also lays flat for dashboard or seat mounting. The 36” tangle-free cord is equipped with a 2-in-1 auto/airline connector, so you can power your electronics on the road, in the air, or on your boat. It not only has a standard 3-prong home outlet, but comes with a “pass-through” 12V DC cigarette lighter port so you can utilize the 120V AC home power and 12V DC cigarette power at the same time. It’s the perfect device to power all your mobile/consumer electronics, small appliances, emergency equipment, and portable tools.



  • Built-in Surge Protection – Safely protect your electronics against power fluctuations from vehicle startup and shutdown.
  • Automatic-Shutdown – The device will automatically turn itself off to protect your battery from draining.
  • 2-in-1 Connector – A Quick-Release button allows the inverter to easily be interchangeable between airport and automobile adapters.
  • Built-in Splitter – Allows you to simultaneously run electronics through your 12V DC cigarette lighter plug, and 120V AC home power.
  • Tangle-free Cord – Self-retracting 36” cord.
  • Convenient Mounting – Designed for vertical mounting in a standard cupholder, or can lay flat for dashboard, seat, or floor mount.
  • Power/Surge LED – Allows you to visually indicate the inverters status.



  • Input Voltage: 10.8Vdc – 15.8Vdc
  • Input Current: 12A max
  • Input Plug Type: 12Vdc Auto (Cigarette) / EmPower
  • Output Watts: 140 Max
  • Output Voltage: 120Vac
  • Output Frequency: 60Hz
  • Output Outlets: 12Vdc Auto (Cigarette) & NEMA 5-15R


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