Dual Color LED USB Keyboard With Oversized Lettering – Blue/Orange


This LED illuminated keyboard with oversized lettering is perfect for gamers, visually impaired users, children, or everyday users looking for a sleek affordable lighted keyboard.

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The Dual Color LED USB Keyboard with Oversized Lettering is a sleek and sexy illuminated keyboard in an affordable, easy to use package. Featuring on-the-fly color changing technology that allows you to switch between a cool icy blue or a fiery hot orange-red back-lighting, the Dual Color LED Keyboard is able to deliver stellar keyboarding performance whether your lights are on or off. This makes the LED Keyboard perfect for late night gaming or web surfing, as well as the perfect keyboard for children, the visually impaired, or everyday users looking for a keyboard that stands out from the crowd.


In addition, the Dual Color LED USB Keyboard features lettering that is 400% larger then standard keyboard print! This further enhances the visibility of the keyboard layout and allows for lightning quick visual acquisition of individual keyboard keys.


Quick access internet and multimedia hot-keys only sweeten the deal on this LED Keyboard placing common functions right at your fingertips. With easy USB connectivity and virtually universal Microsoft Windows compatibility back through the ages of USB, the Dual Color LED USB Keyboard with Oversized Lettering is truly a force to be reckoned with.


  • Oversized Print Lettering
  • User Selectable Dual Color Blue/Reddish-Orange LED Illumination
  • Multimedia and Internet Hotkeys
  • Compatible With Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/NT


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