High Output Rapid USB Car Charger


The High Output Rapid USB Car Charger powers and charges up to 3 USB devices simultaneously, with built-in protection to keep your devices safe.

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Titan’s High Output Rapid USB Car Charger is designed to power and charge up to 3 USB devices simultaneously. It features one dedicated rapid charge port that has it’s own 2.5 amp output and two standard USB ports that share a 2.5 amp output for a total of 5 amps of power output! This allows you to charge power hungry devices like iPhones or Android Phones quickly while still powering two other USB devices!


The High Output Rapid USB Car Charger features multiple built-in safety features to ensure your devices are charged safely such as PWM intelligent voltage controller, over voltage and over current protection, and short circuit protection. This perfect balance of power and safety ensures your devices are charged quickly while protecting them at the same time.



  • Supports: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Smartphones, MP3 Players, and all devices with a USB power cord
  • Ports: 3
  • Power Output: 5 Amps (1 x 2.5a Rapid Charge Port, 2 x Ports (2.5a shared))
  • Protection: PWM Regulation, Over Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit


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