Nike Aero Sport Behind The Neck Headphones & Cable Manager


Standard in-ear headphones just don’t make the cut when it comes to use during sports. The Nike Aero Sport Headphones are specifically designed for use during active sports like running, jogging, cycling, skiing, or use at the gym!

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Whether you are a runner, biker, skier, jogger, or any sport of gym enthusiast, you know standard headphones just don’t make the cut.  It is annoying and down right dangerous sometimes to constantly be having to readjust your headphones or unsnag yourself from a lengthy cable.  Enter the Nike Aero Sport Headphones specifically designed for use during active sports!


These Nike Aero Sport around-the-neck headphones are light on weight but big on sound and features. Perfect for running, biking, the gym, or similar activities, they feature exclusive Nike AirPad cushions for extreme slip resistance to ensure they stay put on your ear while exercising. They also feature a single cable with handy cable manager to keep those pesky cables out of the way, ensuring tangle-free sports use.


Product Features

  • Features Sportsound(Tm) Technology
  • AirPad Cushions Designed For Sports
  • Sweat-Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Secure Fit


Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Nike by Philips
  • Headphones Form Factor: Behind-the-Neck
  • Speaker Drivers: 30mm
  • Response: 10Hz-24kHz


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