Whistler PRO-200W Power Inverter


The Whistler PRO-200W Power Inverter is the perfect solution to powering small household electronics while on the road!

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Whistler power inverters are the perfect solution for those that take road trips or spend a lot of time in the car. By providing a AC outlet in the vehicle, the passengers are able to plug in their electronics just like they would at their home. Each inverter is designed and made with specific circuit protection to ensure that you are giving your electronic devices safe and reliable power. Make the most out of your next road trip with a Whistler power inverter!



  • Overload Protection – When the inverter receives a load above it’s rating, it will automatically shut down.
  • Smart Surge Control – When the draw on the inverter is above the continuous rated power, the inverter will attempt to power the device for up to 10 seconds before shutting off.
  • Voltage Protection – Whenever the input is greater than 15V DC or less than 10V DC, the inverter will automatically and safely shut down.
  • Short Circuit Protection – When a short circuit is detected, the inverter automatically shuts off until the short circuit is removed.
  • Thermal Cutoff – The inverter will automatically shut down if the internal temperature exceeds safe design parameters



  • Input Voltage: 11Vdc – 15.5Vdc
  • Input Current: 20A max
  • Input Plug Type: 12Vdc Auto (Cigarette)
  • Output Watts: 200W RMS (400W Peak)
  • Output Voltage: 120Vac
  • Waveform: Modified Sine Wave
  • Output Outlets: 2 x North American 3 Prong Outlets, 1 x 5V 500mA USB


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